Xbox One X: Gears of War Decal Skin

Xbox One X: Gears of War Decal Skin

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Sit back, relax and game in style with our Xbox One X Gears Of War decal skin. This skin will make your controller's and console stands out from your friends. Why settle for a boring default factory skin, when your controller's and console can be ROCKING this.

This skin is not only stylish in looks but, it also serves to PROTECT your Xbox controller and console from SCRATCHES and DUST. Essentially, this skin will protect your controller from picking up scratches from those RAGING moments that we all face during a game. Trust us, we've all been there and know what it's like!

Our Gears Of War Xbox controller's and console skin can be EASILY installed on any Xbox One controller's and console. If, after a while you decide you don't want to rock your AWESOME skin anymore? No worries! Our skin can easily be taken off your controller and console without leaving any marks and sticker residue, making your controller and console looks AS GOOD AS NEW!

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