Nintendo Switch Cooling Fan External Turbo Cooler
Nintendo Switch Cooling Fan External Turbo Cooler
Nintendo Switch Cooling Fan External Turbo Cooler
Nintendo Switch Cooling Fan External Turbo Cooler
Nintendo Switch Cooling Fan External Turbo Cooler

Nintendo Switch Cooling Fan External Turbo Cooler

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Nintendo Switch Cooling Fan External Turbo Cooler is a MUST have item for all the Nintendo Switch USER out there!

The external turbo cooler is literally the solution on preventing your Nintendo Switch from overheating. As we all know, the switch is small and compact in design, which doesn’t leave much room for ventilation. Small, powerful fans are required to pull enough air through for sufficient cooling. Additionally, when the mercury rises too high, even they may not provide enough cooling for the device. This is where the 'Nintendo Switch Cooling Fan External Turbo Cooler' comes in!


How Does The Fan Work?

This fan mounts on top of your Switch, directly over the air vents. This makes it less efficient than other external fans, since it covers the vents. However, it also offers significant BENEFITS that other fans don’t. For one thing, it can be used both DOCKED and UNDOCKED. To be fair, when you’re undocked, you’ll burn through batteries faster. But the ability to USE the fan without docking is great if you want extra cooling for playing outdoors. It’s also great for travel, both because the fan can be used undocked and because of its compact size!


On the front of the unit, there’s a slick LED screen that shows the current air vent temperature readout. Beneath the screen, you’ll find three buttons. These can be used to raise or lower the fan speed, or to power it on and off. When the up or down buttons are pressed, the screen temporarily switches over to showing the fan speed. This makes it easy to keep track of how much extra air you need under a variety of circumstances!

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